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Xander Books are written in 1st person, with the not so grammatically correct language of a child who loves to experiment with challenging words. The series’ intent is to help readers recognize and practice healthy mindsets which will strengthen their mental and emotional processing skills. This will improve their daily decisions and interactions with others as they journey life’s path.

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The Now Thing

It is SO EXCITING to think about all the fun things you have yet to do.  But … what can happen when your thoughts race too far ahead of you?

Xander comes to terms with the necessity of keeping his mind focused on what he is doing at the present time. He discovers that when he allows his thoughts to jump too far ahead, he misses both important information, and the enjoyment of life's experiences.

What If...?

Oh no! It’s going to be SO terrible! But ... what if it isn’t? Sometimes what we THINK is worse than what IS.

Xander begins to understand that he doesn’t have to allow thoughts of all the bad things that can happen in different situations to overtake him. These uncontrolled thoughts are, in fact, the culprits of his tummy aches.

I Don't Want To! (but I will)

It is so much easier NOT to do the things you don’t WANT to do! But … what if no one did them?

Xander learns to acknowledge that we don't necessarily have to like doing everything we are responsible to do, but we can choose to do those things anyway. In doing so, we continue to grow toward reaching emotional maturity.

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What About Me?

WHAT? I can't have a turn? WHAT? I'm not invited? How can that be? What about...ME?

Xander is seemingly rejected in several different circumstances. When he is challenged to "reframe his perspective" (see things differently), he discovers that as long as he knows who he is and that the key people (and pet!) in his life think he is important, that is enough.

What About Me?

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